A new era of patient communication and consent

Save time, reduce dento-legal risk and increase treatment uptake with our dental animation platform. No download required.

Winners of Innovation of the Year 2021

What is Chairsyde?

Chairsyde is a dental animation platform that helps dentists explain conditions, treatment options and risks to patients. Login via any device with one click!

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65% of patients are visual learners.  Don’t just tell them, SHOW them.

Jaw-dropping animations

Showcase 100s of short, informative HD animations of dental conditions, treatment options and risks.

Save time 

Explain any condition in as little as 9 seconds – no more time wasted repeating yourself!

Drive revenue

Through enhanced patient understanding, Chairsyde dentists have seen up to a 32% increase in treatment uptake.

Faster, better, tracked

Chairsyde contemporaneously time-stamps your consultation with our unique Smart Tracking feature. Email patients consultation summaries in just 3 clicks.

Our mission

We want to make it easier, safer and quicker for dentists to communicate effectively, empowering your patients to make better decisions about their health. Come and join us.

Save time

Communicate quickly and easily using animations in as little as 9 seconds, giving you more time to focus on the work you want to do.

Reduce dento-legal risk

Our animations give patients a better understanding of their diagnoses, options, and risks. Be sure you’ve provided patients with all the information needed for shared decision making.

Increase treatment uptake by up to 32%

…with better patient understanding of diagnoses, treatment options, and risks.

Enhance patient understanding by up to 74%

65% of patients are visual learners, yet most of our consults are verbal. Help prevent misunderstandings through the power of our visuals.

Strengthen goodwill

Increase positive patient reviews and referrals. Create exceptional patient experiences and ensure patients feel fully cared for.

Use Chairsyde anywhere, anytime on your connected device. No download needed.

Meet GDC and CQC requirements

We provide the communication, consent and tracking tools you need to help satisfy GDC standards and CQC requirements.

Dental Protection and BACD partner

We work with the world’s largest indemnifier of dentists and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Add-on secure video consultation

The safe way to consult with patients remotely. Showcase animations over our secure video calling platform, all time-stamped and tracked.

Built by dentists, recognised by dentists

Winners of Innovation of the Year 2021

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