For clinicians who want access to animations, annotations, Smart Tracking and emailing, portfolio and video calling add-on.

100+ animations

Take your patients on a visual journey through their diagnoses and treatment options. Annotate and explain in real time.

Create the perfect portfolio

Upload, tag and categorise your clinical photography to efficiently showcase your skills.

Send patients post-consultation emails

Email patients in seconds, with extra information about their treatment plan and preventative advice. See when they have opened the email.

Online appointments using secure video consulting

Consult with patients at home and showcase animations over secure video calls.

Reduce dento-legal risk’

Every step of your consultation is tracked, time-stamped and stored as evidence. Copy and paste into your notes with just 2 clicks.

Increase treatment uptake by up to 32% and meet increasing cosmetic dentistry demand.

What you can achieve with Chairsyde

Add secure video calling and virtual communication to reach a wider audience


Secure, easy-to-use platform designed by dentists, for dentists and approved by Dental Protection. Accessible via any device – no software download required.

Chairsyde Pro Dentist includes the features within Chairsyde's Communicate Pro solution and makes them accessible virtually with additional features such as secure video calling and an online booking widget. Chairsyde Pro Dentist is designed to help you reach more patients and create a smoother patient experience.

Consult virtually
Optimise surgery time for real clinical work by taking your consultations and reviews online. Engage with new patients looking for your services.

Easy scheduling
All your bookings in one place. Schedule appointments or book instant consultations. Optimise surgery time.

Educate remotely
Use Chairsyde’s animated
presentations on video calls to improve understanding, compliance and mitigate risk.

Mitigate litigious risk
All communications and consultations are tracked and time-stamped to help protect you against litigious risk.

Get started for free

Sign up and see for yourself how Chairsyde can help you and your practice to enhance patient education and communication.

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