Chairsyde’s patient communication software and virtual consultation add on. Improving face-to-face and remote experiences for both dentists and patients.

Winners of Innovation of the Year 2021

Communicate Like a Pro

Our mission is to make it easier, safer and quicker for our community of dentists to communicate effectively, empowering your patients to make better decisions about their health. Come join us.



For clinicians looking to enhance patient understanding and increase case acceptance through the power of visuals.


  • Communicate effectively with visual animations
  • Reduce risk with contemporaneous tracking
  • Increase case acceptance by 32% through better understanding


Chairsyde Pro

To take your communication further using virtual consultations.


  • Reach more patients through video calls
  • Diagnose in-chair, treatment plan on video call
  • Optimise surgery time by 28% and increase case acceptance


Dental protection Xtra

For Dental Protection Xtra members to help enhance understanding and mitigate risk.


  • Unlimited access for all associates to both Animate and Virtual
  • Communicate effectively in line with GDC standards 2 and 3 and mitigate vicarious liability
  • Covered by your Dental Protection Xtra membership

Improve patient understanding by 74% and increase case acceptance by 32%


Patients now demand to know more about their health and options, especially their preventative options. Dentists are verbal communicators, whereas 70% of patients are visual learners. Chairsyde provides the platform to help dentists and patients communicate successfully.

100+ animations and visual representations

Take your patients on a visual journey with over 100 presentations explaining their diagnosis and procedures in Chairsyde’s dentistry portfolio. Annotate and explain in real-time.

Easily showcase your general, cosmetic and orthodontic portfolio

Provide a portfolio of evidence of your patients results to promote your Invisalign and cosmetic treatment to attract more patients.

65% of patients are visual learners. Take your patients on a visual journey…

Post consultation email

Create and send emails to patients in seconds. Send them reminders about their treatment plans, advice about how they can take care of themselves and track whether they’ve opened your email.

Consultation tracking

Every step of your consultation is timestamped, tracked and stored, including records of visuals shown to a patient, annotated images and notes.

Multi-user management and multi-practice management

Chairsyde’s patient communication platform is designed to work for associates, individual and multiple practices, making it simple to manage all of your patient communications and consultations centrally.

Easy to use dashboard

Overview and access any condition, treatment options and risks within 3 clicks.

How Chairsyde works

Use anywhere, anytime

Access your Chairsyde account from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone. No downloads needed! Showcase our content to patients or jump on a video to take your consultation further.

Consult face-to-face or via video call

Take your patients on a visual journey with over 100 presentations explaining their diagnosis and procedures. Annotate and explain in real-time.


The entire consultation including every presentation is tracked, timestamped and stored, mitigating risk to help protect you in the future.


Within 4 clicks, send post-consultation emails of the patients diagnosis with prevention advice and treatment options. Include annotated images from the consultation.

Add secure video calling to reach a wider audience


The safest, compliant and most effective way for dentists to communicate with patients. Designed by dentists for dentists and approved by Dental Protection. Accessible via any device – no software download required.

Chairsyde Virtual includes the features within Chairsyde’s Animate and makes them accessible virtually with additional features such as secure video calling. Chairsyde Virtual is designed to help you reach more patients, optimise surgery time and create a smoother patient experience.

Consult safely, virtually
Optimise surgery time for real clinical work by taking your consultations and reviews online. Engage with new patients looking for your services, time-stamped and stored as evidence.

Easy scheduling
All your virtual consultations in one place. Schedule appointments in advance or use your personal waiting room link to book instant consultations with your patients.

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Use Chairsyde’s animated
presentations virtually to improve understanding, increase case acceptance and mitigate risk.

Mitigate litigious risk
All communications and consultations are tracked and time-stamped to help protect you against litigious risk

Success stories

Medical jargon can be complicated and can confuse patients. Animations are a powerful way of communicating complex procedures clearly and improving patient understanding.

NHS dentist

Once the patient feels confident they understand what the recommended procedure involves, 
it will be easier for them to provide consent, leading to an increase in case acceptance.

Private and Mixed Dentists

The ”Lipstick effect” and social media are increasing demand from patients for more cosmetic procedures. Grow your revenue by building out your cosmetics offering to accommodate this demand.

Cosmetic Dentists

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